An image of Charles Knight the Author of this site

I help organisations understand their problems and how to solve them. You can find a full bio at LinkedIn. You can see a small section of the types of questions that organisations ask me:

Higher Education questions
  • Why do so many of our students drop out?
  • What will make our campus sticky?
  • How well positioned are we for the future?
  • Should we even be in this area?
  • Is our current structure fit for purpose?
  • It’s too late to fix this problem so what’s our recovery position?
  • Why is it none of the staff care about our strategy?
  • Is AI going to wreck our economic model?
  • How do create a strategy to drive our QR ranking?
  • Are you interested in this student facing operational role? No.
Commerical questions
  • What will make the step change in revenue growth?
  • We have a lot of data what does it tell us about our customers?
  • Where do we add value as a company and how do we articulate this?
  • We have this idea but how do we turn it into an actual product?
  • How do we determine which customers to concentrate on?
  • We have grown so quickly – what is now my role as founder?
  • What is our exit strategy?